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Yamaha Music Education System

Yamaha Course Description

The Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) offers comprehensive music education programs for students ages 3 to adults. Yamaha’s philosophy is built on the belief that music education enriches lives, and the language of music knows no national boundaries. The keys to this internationally reputed music education system include:

  • Timely Education: Using age-appropriate methods and materials is critical to an effective educational approach
  • Keyboard as a Learning Tool: The keyboard is an excellent learning tool for music students and allows for comprehensive music education
  • Ear Training: As in learning languages, the YMES emphasizes aural development so music learning is both natural and effective
  • Group Learning: Provides a natural setting for students, promoting team spirit & confidence, where students have opportunities to experience group music ensembles, and share musical ideas

SharpMinds Enrollment

There are two semesters each year, with new classes commencing in September and February. These are 18-week semesters with added concerts, masterclasses, and examinations.

Students enrolling for the Junior Music Course (JMC) must have reached their 4th birthday by September 1 or February 1. In the Young Musicians' Course (YMC), students between ages 6 to 8 years of age are eligible for enrollment.


  • Designed for 4 & 5 year old students,
  • 2-year program capitalizes on the young child’s developmental characteristics to train basic musical skills
  •  Parents actively participate in their child’s music lessons, cultivating a life-long love for music
  • A comprehensive music curriculum with ear-training using solfege, basic keyboard playing skills, rhythm and notation, music appreciation, creativity, and singing of various musical styles


  • 3-year keyboard program provides effective and enjoyable musical training for children ages 6-8 years
  • Develops keyboard playing skills, ear-training, rhythm training, note-reading and writing, keyboard harmony, arranging, ensemble playing, and music appreciation
  •  Taught by qualified teachers in a group environment, promoting confidence,  team spirit, and group dynamics.


  • An innovative keyboard music program for ages 9  to adults who are interested in learning to play the Piano
  •  Combines technology with an effective and enjoyable approach
  • Students study piano techniques and learn to play the various musical styles.
  • Small group instruction approach makes music learning a fun and interactive experience








Age: 3-years old 4-5 years old 6-8 years old 6-8 years old 6-8 years old 9-Adults
Course Duration:

6 months

2 years 2 years 3 years 3 years 1 year
Parent Participation: Required Required Not required Not required Not required Not required
Class Meetings: One 45-minute class per week One-hour weekly One-hour weekly One-hour weekly One-hour weekly One-hour weekly
Class Size: 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10
Class Material: MW Book & CD, Parent’s Guide JMC books, workbooks, CD sets and magnet board kit JXC books, workbooks & CDs JSAC books & CDs YMC books & CDs KE Books
Home Instruments: Keyboard Piano Keyboard/ Piano Piano (Digital or acoustic) Piano (Digital or acoustic) Keyboard/ Piano Piano (Digital or acoustic)
Private Lessons: Optional half-hour Individual Piano lesson weekly One half-hour to one-hour lesson required weekly
Prerequisites: Completion of JMC Completion of JMC and Successful JSAC Audition

Yamaha Courses                        
JMC: Yamaha Junior Music Course                                    

YMC: Yamaha Young Musicians Course

JXC: Yamaha Junior Extension Course                             

JAC: Yamaha Junior Advance Course

JSAC: Yamaha Junior Special Advance Course

  KE: Yamaha Keyboard Encounters

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